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New age of Freestyle frame 

RD-036 KEA FVH 260 6" PROPS



New age of Freestyle frame 

RD-036 KEA FVH 260 6" PROPS

 The KAREAREA RD-036 KEA FVH 260 is the new age of freestyle FPV racer for 6” propellers using its own uniquely designed very durable monocoque chassis. It is the first freestyle frame with vertical arms and optional wings for long and smooth mid air hang time and reduced propwash.


•    Full 3K Japan Toray T-700 grade plane matte carbon fibre plate with black lamination                 coated chamfer cut edgy  (not twill, plane CF is much stronger on impact from all                      directions of crashes). Light weight frame set weighs 140g (+, - 2g) and 150g (+, - 2g) with          optional wings including hardware.


•    All aluminum parts are 7075 T6 aero grade with hard anodizing except for stand offs.


•    The unique design of KEA’s arm end works as a bumper to protect the                                          motors from impacts of the crash.


•    Top and bottom mount battery position for greater usability option for any style of pilots.


•    Optimized C.G combined with higher motor position on vertical arms provide superior              handling performance for acro flying.


•    Monocoque type side plates maximizes CCD camera protection.


•    Compatible with FPV cameras (28-29mm CCD cams) such as RunCam Swift and Foxeer              FPV CCD cameras.


•    Action cameras can be mounted (e.g. GoPro, RunCam 3) by using optional 3D printed              camera mount (not included)

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