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The story all started while I was fixing my son’s broken racing drones.

Thanks to the drone’s natural habitat of ‘flying’, it quite often hit high obstacles such as trees and performed hard landings. Naturally, it gave me a lot of opportunities to repair, and slowly, my interest towards the drone got bigger.. Soon enough, I was able to spot some flaws and weaknesses that had to be corrected. This lead me to build my own.


As being former TOYOTA’s exterior designer at Advanced Design team and lecturer of transportation & industrial design courses at Massey Uni, I’ve used all my knowledge of building light, nimble and rugged vehicle to the drone design. After some serious research and designing it from ground up, I was able to create a drone that is very nimble, light, exceptionally stable and strong with some unique aesthetics. After the final tests, it was named ‘KAREAREA’, the native New Zealand falcon.  


KAREAREA gave myself and my son and also some of professional racing pilots in S.Korea  an entirely new experience of flying which gave us a big smile. We look forward to the KAREAREA to bring you the same great experience we had and hope you too have a big smile like us.  

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