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KAREAREA RD-065 TALON PR SVX 220 (Pure Racing, Stretched Vertical X) 

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Just a quick heads up about the TALON PR arm:

We had many inquiries on the Talon PR and one of them was about the arms breaking easily.

We now resolved this problem by making the 'breaking point' on the arm thicker (refer to the pic below).

This made a huge improvement in durability. Inquiries about the arm breakage were far less. Also my test pilot Ian Ryu Flies in indoor car-parks regularly and never broke an arm after changing it to the new version.

The weight only increases about 1~2g from the total frame weight.

From now on, a person that orders the Talon PR gets the new set of arms PLUS a free set of the V1 arms (until we run out of V1 arms).

I hope you guys are more satisfied with the Talon PR.

Thank you!

Also, feel free to ask any questions about our product!




The KAREAREA TALON PR is a 220mm class FPV racer for 5" propellers  using its own uniquely      designed light weight monocoque chassis.

  • The uniquely designed shape of the Talon PR's arm ends work as bumpers to absorb impacts and  protect the motors during a crash. And Optimized C.G combined with lowered position vertical arms  provides superior handling performance at high speed and cornering.

  • Monocoque type side plates which helps protecting CCD camera. (Narrower body than normal Talon for better aerodynamics) also centered Uni-body aluminum structure for better rigidity and C.G. 10% lighter and at least 50% more rigid than normal Talon.

  • Light weight frame set weights 90 g (+, - 1g), including hardware.

  • Redesigned VTX antenna placement for enhanced protection during the crashes.

  • All aluminium parts are made from 7075 T6 AERO GRADE with hard anodizing except Stand offs and nuts.

  • FULL 3K JAPAN TORAY T700 grade Plane matte Carbon Fibre plate .

  • Stretched X-frame. The distance between the motors is 220mm (diagonally, measured from centre to centre of motors).

  • ONLY Compatible with MICRO FPV cameras. (19 mm CCD cams) Such as RunCam micro and Foxeer Predator micro cameras.

  • Action Cameras can be mounted (e.g. GoPro, Run Cam) by using optional 3D printed camera mount. (Not included).

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