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TOA PR (Pure Racing)
It will be the world's most lightweight 2207 racing motor (Excluding Cable 28.66g / With Cable 30.97g)

SPEC : 2207-2025KV


Configuration / 12N14P

6065-T5 Aero G Duralumin with Hard anodazing 

Shaft / TC4  Titanium half hollow

Stator / Kawasaki 0.15 (0.1-0.12 Air gap)

Bearing / NSK 684 (4x9x4)

Magnet / N 55 SH (Curved Magnet)

Weight / 28.66g (Excluding Cable)

Idle current / @10v(A) 1.1A 2025KV

Copper coils / Military Grade Real Silver coated 260C* High-temp protect single wire

No of Cells(Lipo) 2-6S Cable length / 22AWG-150mm

TOA PR WEB03.jpg
TOA PR WEB01.jpg
TOA PR WEB02.jpg
TOA PR WEB04.jpg
TOA PR WEB05.jpg
TOA PR WEB06.jpg
TOA PR WEB07.jpg
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