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Motor Specifications

Configuration / 12N14P

1Pice Unibody outer motor bell

Stator / Kawasaki 0.15 (0.1-0.12 Air gap)

Weight / 31.2 grams (without cable)

Wire Length / 15cm

Wire Gauge / 20 AWG

0.1mm -0.12mm Air gap

Recommended Props / 5 or 6 inch

LiPo Compatibility / 2-8S

Prop Mount Diameter / 5mm

Shaft / Semi-hollow, Titanium TC4 GRADE -  CW threads 

Magnets / N52SH Arc magnet

Set Screw / 2mm

NSK bearing (4x9x4)

Single winding

KV (rpm/Volt) 1850, 2250, 2450, 2650 : 4 Different KV selection

Idle current @10v(A) 0.9A 1850KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-8S

Idle current @10v(A) 1.3A 2250KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-6S

Idle current @10v(A) 1.6A 2450KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-6S

Idle current @10v(A) 1.8A 2650KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-5S

The level of precision from this form factor will be beyond your imagination.

NEW TOA LITE 2306_6.jpg
NEW TOA LITE 2306_3.jpg
NEW TOA LITE 2306_1.jpg
NEW TOA LITE 2306_4.jpg
NEW TOA LITE 2306_5.jpg
NEW TOA LITE 2306_2.jpg

A TOA by any other name would fly as smooth.

To be accomplished.  To be brave.  To be a warrior.  These are all aspects of the word "Toa" from the language of the Māori people of New Zealand.  We believe these are the ideals that were distilled into this Kiwi designed motor.  We also believe this motor will help you to achieve them.

Like all KAREAREA products, we hardly have to say it.  From the original one-piece curves of the motor bell to the N52SH arc magnets, this motor is the definition of luxury. 


The windings (made from the highest quality German copper) and titanium TC4 grade shaft are designed to provide strength and torque where you need it.


In addition, the stator size and kv are a proven combination for 6s battery voltages: the overall cooling capacity and quality of this motor is so high that people will have no problems running them on up to 7S setups. 


And on top of everything, this motor comes with a 2mm, hex-head set screw for super simple maintenance. Also, this motor doesn't need a washer under the 2mm hex bolt. This is achieved by super precise tolerance checking and QC control. Less parts: less problems. 


This may indeed be the best motor in its class that has been released to date.


Last but not least, you should know that this technology is actually produced by the very birds that thought it up.  


 *Note: While these motors can handle up to 8s voltages, the KV rating makes these motors most suitable for flying on 6s and 7s.

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