Rob Saxton / Racing pilot

My name's Rob Saxton, I'm 28 years old and live in the UK. I first started in the RC would when I was 6 years old building a plane with my Dad. Quiet a few years later I was competing in pylon racing (200mph LOS planes). After this I moved my focus from fixed wing to helicopters. In 2016 I got my first BNF FPV drone and I was immediately hooked! 2 months later I had built my first proper racing drone. In 2017 I moved to Ireland and started competing in every race I could. I had a great year and finished 1st in the Irish FPV League. Karearea drones have helped keep me in the sky with their amazingly designed frames, the extra feeling of control you get in the corners is fantastic and I'm always impressed with the durability after a crash. I would recommend Karearea Drones to anyone, they are definitely one of the highest quality products on the market.

Nathaniel Kuchel / Racing pilot

G’day! My name is Nathaniel Kuchel and I am currently 17 years of age. I have been into drone racing for over two years now and have loved it ever since. To this point in time, I have competed in 5 national competitions and placed within the top ten in each. I am excited to say that I will be competing for team FPVR in the DCL (Drone Champions League), Zurich, Switzerland early next month. Since I have been presented with the opportunity to receive support from Karearea, I have seen my skill fluctuate to new levels in outstandingly short amounts of time! Karearea truly have the highest quality drone racing gear available, you would have to be nuts not to try them!!

Gary Fedorenko / Free style pilot

My name is Gary and I born in 1989. I got my first BNF quad on the June 2017. It lasted a month and flew like garbage but I didn't stop and started my journey in FPV. The environment around the freestyle pilot directly affecting his style. Mixes with open spaces like a desert and abandoned constructions made PalemanFPV style fast and desperate. But this is the only way to get good shots, just go out and try. After a dozen broken quads you are becoming more experienced, and sometimes you are going home without any damage and full SD's of lit footage. This is the best feeling that freestyle pilot can have after a long day of flying.

KAREAREA DRONE give me an opportunity to fly even more aggressive because of the durability of the frames. I believe in it and we are working close to improve our products.

Instagram: @palemanfpv

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Ian Ryu / Test pilot

Hello my name is Ian Ryu and I am 17 years old living in New Zealand. I run as a racing sponsored pilot for KAREAREA DRONE. I mostly attend races in Auckland New Zealand and is associated with a group in Auckland called ‘Flight Club Auckland’. I started this Hobby about 3 years ago. I started off this hobby with a toy Quadcopter but as I was gaining more interest, I slowly moved onto mini quads and started flying those about 2 years ago. I really enjoyed flying mini quad because it was a whole new experience for me. I really liked the idea of having to fly through obstacles and having to fly fast at the same. It really got my adrenaline flowing resulting in me willing to fly more. The reason I chose KAREAREA DRONE is not because it was my family's company. In fact, they gave me free choice to fly whatever frame that suits my taste, but I couldn’t find any mini quad frames that flew as nice as our frames. It went through curves and reached a top speed that just couldn’t be matched with any other frames. I started off this hobby very mellow and didn’t do anything serious, but I progressed to be a racing pilot till now. My parents played a big role in this hobby and motivated me to progress till this day and I couldn’t have done it without them.

Quentin Galiani / Racing pilot

Matthew Reid / Technician pilot

Matthew “Chopper” Reid is an old-school nerd. Born in ’78 he bought his first Futaba 2ch radio at age 12, and built a small plywood boat for a school science fair that didn’t work very well. Noting the many flaws in his design he then put the electronics in a plastic catamaran kit which was very entertaining, if not watertight. Disillusioned by the challenging combination of salt water, electronics, and youthful impatience, years passed until his late teens by which time he had developed an appreciation of thrashing cars and avoiding police. And so his love of RC was reborn on four wheels, in the carparks of after hours North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand. Fast forward to 2015, Melbourne, Australia. Having trained as an audio engineer and playing in bands for many years, he’s now working as an Audio Visual Technician and recording in his home studio, where he also mods audio circuits and builds guitar pedals. Feeling jaded with life he stumbles across an FPV video and a passion is ignited. A long term fascination with aviation, electronics and RC aligns in the heavens. Drones are now a thing. It starts with a Hubsan, then a ZMR 250, finally goggles, and by Jan 2017 racing as a rookie at Eastside FPV, Melbourne. The build-fly-break-buy-build cycle continues unabated until returning to Auckland in September 2017 where by chance he is introduced to Ian and Dong Yen Ryu at Flight Club Auckland. By September 2018 he’s the proud owner of three Karearea frames, member of the Flight Club council, known as a ‘Mr Fixit’ and has lost count of many builds he has done. After many long conversations with Dong Yen about all things FPV the timing is right and an offer is extended to represent Karearea as a builder and enthusiast of quality drones. The toys may change but old habits die hard, more often than not you’ll find Chopper building and thrashing his quads in whatever style, and trying to stay out of trouble…

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Auckland  New Zealand


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