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RD-053 TITI 2"& 3" PROPS.

New aerodynamic true X Micro size vertical racing frame that can transform from  2" to 3" and visa versa! Thanks to the super rigid frame, you can put the most powerful motors that are made for 2" & 3" that are out on the market right now.


- Can support 16mm x16mm to 20mm x20mm board mounting holes.

- Can fit 3 PCB board layers (4 layers if you're a skilled builder).

- Recommended motor size: 11xx for 2", 15xx for 3".

- 2" Mode: 110mm motor to motor diagonal length.

- 3" Mode: 146mm motor to motor diagonal length.


- Full 3K Japan MITSUBISHI T300 grade matte Plane Carbon Fiber plate (not twill, plane CF is much   stronger on impact from all directions of crashes).


- Light weight frame set weighs 37g (+,-1g) for 3" props mode. For 2" mode, 33g (+,-1g) including all   hardware.


- All CNC aluminum parts are 7075 T6 aero grade (except for Stand offs).


- Hard anodizing and laser engraved logo.

3inch props mode build example


2inch props mode build example


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