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​Motor Specifications


​Configuration / 12N14P

1Pice Unibody outer motor bell

Stator / Kawasaki 0.15 (0.1-0.12 Air gap)

Weight / 31.77 grams (without cable)

Wire Length / 15cm

Wire Gauge / 20 AWG

0.1mm -0.12mm Air gap

Recommended Props / 5 or 6 inch

LiPo Compatibility / 2-8S

Prop Mount Diameter / 5mm

Shaft / Semi-hollow, Titanium TC4 GRADE -  CW threads 

Magnets / N52SH Arc magnet

Set Screw / 2mm

NSK bearing (4x9x4)

Single winding

KV (rpm/Volt) 1850, 2250, 2450, 2650 : 4 Different KV selection

Idle current @10v(A) 0.9A 1850KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-8S

Idle current @10v(A) 1.2A 2250KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-6S

Idle current @10v(A) 1.6A 2450KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-6S

Idle current @10v(A) 1.8A 2650KV / No of Cells(Lipo) 2-5S

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